A Global Innovation Program for Young Talent

Each year, multi-disciplinary teams of talented young people generate fresh ideas to tackle complex infrastructure challenges facing their city.

All photos © Dan A’Vard Photography


Program Highlights

Capacity building for young talent and growing leaders

Collaboration across sectors, disciplines and generations

Delivery of industry-led innovations


Expressions of Interest

Smart Seeds is taking off across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and USA.

To express interest in Smart Seeds, follow the link below, or contact us for more information.


Smart Seeds highlights

Find out what makes Smart Seeds different: watch the program highlights from Smart Seeds Melbourne 2016.


Benefits of participating

Smart Seeds brings together bright young minds from different disciplines and sectors to develop innovative concepts for the infrastructure industry.

Challenges are set by industry leaders. Teams then develop ideas, refine them and present their concept to industry leaders at an exclusive Showcase Event. Throughout the program, participants also develop professional skills and networks with fellow participants, experienced professionals and senior executives from a variety of organisations.

For all involved, it is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired by the development of ideas and new connections. Find out how it works.