Our Community

Our community attracts big thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs from students to startups to large multi-nationals. We challenge ourselves to embrace change, relish in uncertainty, adopt new thinking and practice agile ways of working.

Our Partners

Smart Seeds is led by our community through participation and partnership.
We encourage our partners to be actively involved in the program by sharing stories, sponsoring young talent and nominating challenge authors, mentors and judges.

By raising the profile of our participants and their ideas, our community is inspired to open up new opportunities for the next generation of talent.

Our Focus

  • Capacity building of young talent and growing leaders
  • Collaboration across sectors, disciplines and generations
  • Fresh ideas for complex urban challenges

Our Global Impact

  • 600+ alumni connected
  • 100+ organisations with new capacity to innovate
  • 100+ mentors and challenge authors fostering the next generation of leaders
  • 1,500+ industry leaders inspired to enable change

Partnership Benefits

  • Priority places for judges, mentors, challenge authors, participants & event invitees.
  • Internal & external communications support.
  • Marketing opportunities including online and event recognition.
  • Social media campaigns engaging Smart Seeds alumni and participating organisations.
  • Collaboration with participating organisations and partners.

For more information on how to partner with Smart Seeds, please contact or fill in an expression of interest form.