Congratulations to all who participated in Canberra’s 2018 Smart Seeds program.

Led by industry and building on the success of the 2017 program, a group of bright young professionals came together to generate fresh ideas to tackle complex infrastructure challenges.

Presenting their innovative concepts to senior professionals at a Showcase Event in May, each team demonstrated the potential power of collaboration across organisations, sectors, disciplines and generations.

2018 Challenge Topics

Flying High – How should the ACT region make better use of Canberra Airport to build a diverse and sustainable economy?

Re-thinking Canberra’s Borders – Can we re-imagine the notion of Canberra as being more closely integrated with the existing population centres at its borders?

Tech Enabled Workforce – How do we train (or prepare) Canberran’s for the technology jobs of the future?

Taking the Car out of the Car Park – What happens to Canberra’s carparks and roads when autonomous vehicles become the norm. How do we make Canberra a hub for autonomous vehicles?


Judith Zielke | Deputy Secretary Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Catherine Townsend | ACT Government Architect, Director Townsend & Associates Architects

Josh Polette | General Manager RPDE Program

Michael McGoogan | Director and Co-Owner, The Riot ACT

Participating Organisations

Construction Control | Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development | Department of Finance | GHD | King & Wood Mallesons | KPMG | Noetic | RSM & University of Canberra.


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