Challenge B – FairBnB

Melbourne faces major challenges addressing a growing crisis in housing availability and affordability, particularly in the last decade. For those experiencing homelessness, emergency accommodation is well provided but there is a wait of more than three years for permanent social housing in Victoria. In the meantime, those stuck in the middle struggle to make ends meet. Traditional approaches to these connected issues are not working. We have to be smarter and more creative about how we provide access to housing for those who need it most.

Fair BnB connects homeowners, tenants and housing service providers through an easy-to-use online platform, transforming under-utilised housing into affordable housing for our city’s most vulnerable. Properties are offered at a lower daily rate, while remaining financially viable for homeowners due to higher utilisation rates.

This tool allows reduced costs for tenants, a financially-competitive avenue for homeowners to rent their properties, and an efficient and tailored solution for service providers to manage growing waiting lists for housing.

Fair BnB makes it easy for homeowners to make ethical choices about who their house will support, without sacrificing time or money. It sets a new standard for the way we cater to the housing needs of all our citizens – truly making Melbourne the most liveable city for everyone who calls it home.