Challenge C – Power Hub

Power Hub is an application that creates a green energy marketplace and allows individuals to take charge of their energy usage by trading locally generated renewable power with their neighbours and others who may be further afield. This encourages those who can generate clean power to stay on the grid, while giving access to those who can’t generate their own clean power at an affordable price.

Key features of Power Hub include:

– Inform users when it is best to buy and sell energy. Set the percentage of renewable energy used through automated power purchasing.

– Residential energy producers monitor and control how much they feed back into the grid and at what price.

– Choosing who/where your energy comes from; price per unit ‐ interactions are intuitive and easy.

– A learning hub of tips, energy education and suitable green energy sources for your area.

– A social forum where users share ideas ‐ have their say in the future of Power Hub.

– You can gift power to family, friends and those in need.

– Forecast based on historical trends to reduce your carbon footprint over time.
Rewards for energy efficient households.

Change is possible with Power Hub, your Green Energy Marketplace in the palm of your hand.