Christchurch 2018

Congratulations to all who participated in Christchurch’s 2018 Smart Seeds program.

Participants from 15 local organisations came together over 11 weeks to generate fresh ideas to address some of the complex challenges facing the region.

‘Stop and Go with the Flow’, picked up the Judges Award, with the People’s Choice Award going to ‘Bike Base’.

Well done to everyone who participated and we look forward to another fantastic event next year.

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The Participants

Participating organisations: Apollo Projects, Christchurch City Council, Christchurch International Airport, Downer, Duncan Cotterill, Environment Canterbury, Ernst & Young, Fulton Hogan, GHD, Intergen and Synlait.

The Challenges

Challenge A – Christchurch: Your Opportunity

Challenge development: Downer, Christchurch City Council, Duncan Cotterill, Environment Canterbury Regional Council, GHD, Synlait, EY

Christchurch is transitioning out of the rebuild phase with a diversity of thought, culture, people and infrastructure. This diversity provides us with an opportunity to bring life and energy back into the city, in order to make it a destination. We know we live in a great city and we aspire to be even better.

What Christchurch can do in the short term to be seen as a destination location and not merely a gateway to the South Island?


  • Belinda Lewis – Downer
  • Rachel Young – Environment Canterbury Regional Council
  • Shaun Denholm – Intergen
  • Nick Lovett – Christchurch City Council
  • Luke Parker – GHD
  • Steve Firth – Environment Canterbury Regional Council

Mentor: Kate Phillips – Intergen


Challenge B – Wai Care?

Challenge development: Environment Canterbury Regional Council, GHD, Fulton Hogan

The quality of our waterways in Christchurch is declining at a concerning rate. Everyone who lives, works and plays in Christchurch can help improve the quality of our local waterways. We need to help people see that individual actions can make a difference and together powerful change is possible.

How can we help urban residents recognise their responsibility in maintaining clean waterways in Christchurch?


  • Charlie Derrick – Environment Canterbury Regional Council
  • Olivia Smith – Environment Canterbury Regional Council
  • Paul Ferguson – Christchurch City Council
  • Hayden Sturzaker – Fulton Hogan
  • Andrew Smith – GHD Advisory
  • Virginia Loughnan – Environment Canterbury Regional Council

Mentor: Andre Bresler – GHD


Challenge C – An Alternative Route

Challenge development: GHD, Christchurch City Council, Vodafone, Apollo Projects

Christchurch residents currently have limited choices for transport, and therefore frequently turn to private vehicles to get from A to B. Public transport is slow and comes with the perception of being high cost, an unattractive form of transport and very ‘bus-focused’. There is also a perceived lack of connectivity in and around Christchurch City, leading to poor transport choices that contribute to congestion and pollution.

How can we shift the current public mindset toward travel, encouraging efficient alternatives in and around the city in an effort to reduce congestion and pollution?


  • Dayle McLauchlan – Apollo Projects
  • Fraser Gemmell – Christchurch City Council
  • Sam Bellamy – Environment Canterbury Regional Council
  • Jamie Robinson – Duncan Cotterill
  • Charlotte French – GHD
  • Samantha Funnell – Synlait

Mentor: Carolyn Gallagher – Christchurch City Council


Challenge D – Working Towards Our Future

Challenge development: Intergen, GHD, Duncan Cotterill

Rapid technological development is disrupting communities and business. Today’s workforce must be skilled, agile and receptive to change. A workforce that can quickly re-train, adapt and embrace change will be an asset for our region.

What steps can we develop a regional workforce that can compete on a global scale?


  • Jono Burch – Intergen
  • Nickie West – Fulton Hogan
  • Rob Capon – Synlait
  • Cameron McKie – GHD
  • Emily Murphy – Christchurch City Council
  • Nick Webby – Fulton Hogan

Mentor: Ken Renz – Environment Canterbury Regional Council


Challenge E – Embracing a New Transport Paradigm

Challenge development: Christchurch NZ, Christchurch City Council, Fulton Hogan, GHD

Advanced technologies enabling automated vehicles technologies are already available in the marketplace. To become a more sustainable city, Christchurch has an opportunity to embrace change and become a leader in automated transport.

How can we integrate technology into existing city environments to best prepare for, and benefit from, an automated transport future?


  • Andrew Springford – EY Sam Smith – Apollo Projects
  • April Hickson – Intergen
  • Jonathon Ireland – Fulton Hogan
  • Simon Pollock – GHD
  • Scott Davison – Fulton Hogan
  • Brodie Akacich – Christchurch International Airport

Mentor: Joel Gabites – EY

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