News about Smart Seeds


2 May 2018

Careers and ideas get a jump start at Sydney’s Smart Seeds Showcase

(Smart Seeds)


14 March 2018

Leaders in North Queensland define regional challenges requiring collaborative innovation

(Smart Seeds)


8 March 2018

Perth’s future leaders take fresh look at complex infrastructure challenges

(Smart Seeds)


6 March 2018

Sydney turns to emerging talent to tackle complex infrastructure challenges facing the city

(Smart Seeds)


22 February 2018

Smart Seeds celebrates innovation and collaboration at New Zealand Human Resources Awards 2018

(Smart Seeds)


20 February 2018

Christchurch gets behind a new generation of leaders

(Smart Seeds)


9 January 2018

Pause Fest 2018 takes on ‘Places of the Future’

(Smart Seeds)


13 October 2017

Palaszczuk Government backs innovation for North Queensland

(Queensland Government Media Release)


I-TAP NQ turns to fresh ideas for North Queensland’s infrastructure challenges 

(GHD website)


1 July 2016

Big ideas from Smart Seeds

(Engineers Australia website)


30 May 2016

Sydney Smart Seeds showcases new approaches to infrastructure

(Smart Seeds)


27 May 2016

Disrupting Auckland – new urban ideas take centre stage at Smart Seeds Showcase

(GHD website)


19 May 2016

Newcastle to harvest fresh ideas with Smart Seeds (Engineers Australia)


3 May 2016

‘Fair BnB’ and ‘Powerhub’: Smart Seeds harvests fresh ideas for Melbourne’s future

(Smart Seeds)


4 April 2016

Big city problems handed to innovators (Tech Week Auckland)


26 June 2015

Smart Seeds Flowering (Smart Seeds)


11 June 2015

Sydney ideas bloom at Smart Seeds (Engineers Australia website)

GHD Innovation: Smart Seeds (Austmine website)


10 June 2015

Engineers Australia : Sydney ideas bloom at Smart Seeds (4 – traders website)


28 May 2015

Sydney ideas blooms at Smart Seeds (GHD website)


15 May 2015

Learning and Mentoring (Smart Seeds)


13 May 2015
Young engineering minds come together to solve Melbourne’s woes (The Fifth Estate website)


April 2015
Infrastructure innovation blooms with Smart Seeds (Australian Water Association, Water Journal April 2015)


16 March 2015
Infrastructure innovation blooms with Smart Seeds (Engineers Australia website)


15 March 2015
Infrastructure innovation competition underway for 2015 (Sustainability Matters website)


13 March 2015
Infrastructure innovation blooms with Smart Seeds (GHD website)
Young Australian minds compete to solve large city infrastructure challenges (Architecture and Design website)


12 March 2015
Smart Seeds Growing (Smart Seeds)


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