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Smart Seeds Open was held in Townsville on 2 June 2018

Upcoming events in Ayr, Ingham and Charters Towers

Coming soon in August 2018, Smart Seeds Open is an event for everyone to connect, learn and create.

Collaborate on the complex challenges that matter to your community!

Register your interest to participate by emailing Myles Coker at

Got ideas? Want to collaborate?

Register your interest to join Smart Seeds Greenhouse on PIVOT – an online platform to incubate and develop local ideas created by Smart Seeds participants.

What are the challenges?

Community and industry leaders across North Queensland have set the challenges to unlock North Queensland’s future growth.

Which challenge will you collaborate on?

Agile workforce: how can North Queensland prepare a local workforce capable of meeting both current and future industry needs?
Data-driven sustainability: How can North Queensland integrate solutions to improve essential services and gather the information required to make better decisions both now and in the long term?
Social engagement & inclusion: How can North Queensland be a better place for everyone to learn, work, connect and influence change?
Keeping business local and fresh: How can North Queensland better draw on its local strengths and values to keep business local and fresh?


Looking to open up your organisation to collaborative innovation?

We’re looking for organisations and community groups to nominate participants from across North Queensland.


Looking to grow your impact and build a career locally?

We’re looking for local talent who would like to participate!

We have programs and events to support involvement across North Queensland.

Nominations and Expressions of Interest

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