Challenge G – Cirrus Cumulus

The beach is a wonderful public space, providing memories and joy to millions of people in Victoria each year. Average temperatures are predicted to soar in the future, which will augment the risk of skin cancers on Victoria’s population – already one of the highest rates in the world. This is due in part to the negligible levels of public shading at the beach.

Cirrus is a solar powered drone that will revolutionise the way we spend time at the beach. For a small fee, you can hire a drone and it will follow you, shading you from the harsh Australian sun. This means you will not be restricted by a fixed tent or umbrella to keep you shaded.

Multiple Cirrus drones can come together to produce a Cumulus, which allows for gatherings of people to be shaded. It can change the way we use the beach as a group, changing our behaviour from individual silos to a more open community. Of course, the use for these drones is not restricted to the beach, they could be used at public festivals, sporting events and parks.