Smart Seeds took place in Brisbane for the third time in 2017!

Congratulations to all participants tackling Brisbane’s complex infrastructure challenges!

Ideas and Challenges

Runoff Remedy

Challenge: As south east Queensland’s population grows, there is a drive for higher density developments to prevent urban sprawl. How do we provide sustainable water and wastewater services to the infill developments being built?

Challenge Author: Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities


Polly – The New Norm

Challenge: How can the economic benefits of sustainability be promoted to create a ‘new normal’ for sustainable practice, so the question shifts from “why sustainability” to “why ignore it”?

Challenge Author: Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia


Challenge: How can we get the best use out of our functional assets that are approaching the end of their operational lifespan, in order to adequately service south east Queensland’s growing population?

Challenge Authors: Planning Institute of Australia


Challenge: People often rely on multiple modes of transport and infrastructure for their travel. How can we introduce new modes of people movement in south east Queensland (SEQ), while using our existing infrastructure, to cater for population growth and changing demand?

Challenge Authors: Consult Australia



Brisbane is seeing a number of significant infrastructure projects taking place in and around the city, including Queens Wharf Brisbane, one of the city’s largest projects to date. In the midst of this development, we need to maintain access, safety and liveability for the community we serve. How can we manage and deliver a large-scale infrastructure project in an operating, fully functioning and constrained CBD network?

Challenge Authors: Department of State Development