Smart Seeds took place in Sydney for the third time in 2017!

Well done to all participants tackling Sydney’s complex infrastructure challenges!


First Nations innovation for Western Sydney transformation

Magdalen Corr, Lendlease
Hannah Franklin, Veolia
Bo Ok, UrbanGrowth NSW
Hannah Rayment, TfNSW
Carla Pignatelli, GHD
Gabby Puskas, TfNSW
Hannah Rayment, TfNSW

Challenge Authors: GHD, LendLease

First Nations Innovation for Western Sydney Transformation vFL

Gauging Age on the Transport Stage

Cristina Baker, UrbanGrowth NSW
Amelia Barnes, Lendlease
Vidushi Handa, TfNSW
Sarah Pettiona, Vision Stream
Michael Tran, GHD

Challenge Authors: Transport for NSW, Sydney Trains

Gauging Age on the Transport Stagev2

Reimagination of the service station

Margot Allison, UrbanGrowth NSW
Laura Connell, UrbanGrowth NSW
Celine Ghabach, Caltex
Natalie Huang, Caltex
Thomas Sweet, GHD
Alexander Turner, TfNSW

Challenge Authors: Caltex

Reimagination of the Service Station poster

Taking transport to the next level

Sussan Chui, CBA
Ravi Dogra, CBA
Nick Ioannides, GHD
Matthew Mauger, Lendlease
Akash Mohan, TfNSW
Cat Rout, Sydney Water

Challenge Authors: Transport for NSW, GHD

Taking Transport to the next level v3

The car is not the star

Sadia Abdullah, GHD
Ruth Lin Hoog Antink, Lendlease
Richard Biscoe, CBA
Eleanor Morris, TfNSW
Irene Wong, CBA

Challenge Authors: Transport for NSW, GHD

The car is not the star poster

The ‘paperless’ project

Pranoy Banerjee, TfNSW
Adam Farrugia, Ventia
Harry Mitchell, GHD
Ricky Raad, Coleman Greig lawyers
Suraj Sharma, Veolia
Michael Ta, Sydney Water

Challenge Authors: LendLease, GHD Woodhead

Paperless Project Smart Seeds

Turning back the tide

Nick Clark, Caltex
Charles Crane , Veolia
Letesha Goble, Lendlease
Sara Maddison, Veolia

Challenge Authors: Veolia, GHD

IBIS Project - Turning Back The Tide v2 (2)

Judging Panel


Dr Marlene Kanga
President Elect of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations
Board member, Sydney Water

Michael Brodie
Acting CEO, UrbanGrowth NSW

Jill Hannaford
Technical Services Leader – Australia, GHD

Jason Timor
Deputy CEO, Supply Nation

Clare Gardiner-Barnes
Deputy Secretary, Freight, Strategy and Planning, Transport for NSW

Showcase event photos

Participating organisations

GHD | Transport for NSW | UrbanGrowth NSW | Ventia | Veolia | Caltex | Coleman Grieg | Commonwealth Bank of Australia | Lendlease Group | Sydney Water Corporation

Challenge, Launch & Ideation workshop photos