Smart Seeds will take place in Wellington for the first time in 2017!

Good luck to all participants tackling Wellington’s complex infrastructure challenges!


Reimagining our Transport Corridors

Challenge Authors: Greater Wellington Regional Council, Hutt City Council, Wellington Airport, Wellington City Council

Transport corridors within urban areas currently provide many functions. These corridors take up a lot of space in and between our cities. In many parts of our urban areas space is in short supply and has a very high value. Their use is largely restricted to the surface area of the road corridors primarily used for vehicle corridors (roads), on-street parking, and pavements for pedestrians. There is however a large airspace above road corridors that is often used only for utilities and could be considered to be under-utilised especially in our city centres where adjacent to high-rise buildings.

What are the opportunities to re-imagine our transport corridors?

The ‘New’ Quarter Acre Dream

Challenge Authors: Wellington City Council, GHD and Wellington Airport

The ‘Quarter Acre Dream’ is the current cultural standard for home ownership in New Zealand, a hangover from the last 50 years of development. But the way in which we all live needs to change. We need to find ways to excite people about living in more urban environments.

How can we inspire a shift in perspective towards a ‘new housing dream’, representing the ideals of being more attractive, affordable, sustainable and resilient?

Food For All

Challenge Authors: GHD, Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council

How do we feed a city? Food is caught, grown, transported, bought, sold, prepared, cooked, eaten and disposed of… and this happens every day in every city around the world, all as if by magic.

More and more of our landscape is changing to cope with a growing population and growing demand. By 2050, there will be twice as many people living in cities and they will be consuming twice as much meat and dairy products. It is estimated that half the food produced in the USA is thrown away. And yet, globally, we struggle to feed our people properly now.

What can we do in our city to encourage making healthy food more accessible, available and cost effective for local people in the region?

Harnessing the Wind

Challenge Authors: Greater Wellington Regional Council, GHD and Intergen

We have a love/hate relationship with the wind in Wellington – in many ways it defines our city but it also drives us mad. The wind is Wellington’s under-appreciated asset, an untapped natural resource. We could do more than just build wind turbines and sculptures; perhaps Wellington could become a world leader in living with and embracing the wind!

How can we change the way we think about living with the wind, and how can we design our built environment to harness it?

Water, Water Everywhere

Challenge Authors: GHD and Wellington Water

How do we respond to environmental challenges of increasing rain events and rising seas to the advantage of the region?

Key Dates

Challenge Workshop 21-Feb-17
Launch Workshop 22-Mar-17
Ideation Workshop 11-Apr-17
Pitch Workshop 10-May-17
Showcase Event 7-Jun-17

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