Media Release

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Ideas Gallery

The Participants have put in a great amount of effort and creativity to present their ideas in a snapshot. The Ideas Gallery displays the colourful and informative posters to explain the team’s concept. View their posters here.

Judges Alumni

Each year, we have a high calibre of judging panel, made up of key senior industry decision makers. They provide valuable feedback on the pitched ideas. Have a look at the list of judges that have graced our Showcase events.

Be a Sponsor

To continue to grow the program we look to leading organisations committed to Young Professionals and innovation to become Global, National or City Sponsors of Smart Seeds.  More info.

Frequently Asked Questions

This living list of questions commonly asked about the Smart Seeds program, participation roles and eligibility and more. Read more

If you can’t find the answers, please email us with your enquiry.

Resources for participants

This is a restricted area for all the participants. To get access, please contact the regional leaders or email us. Otherwise, sign in with the login details provided by your regional leaders.