Terms & Conditions

1. By registering for the Smart Seeds program, participants and participating organisations agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

2. The terms and conditions of Smart Seeds are governed by the laws of the relevant country or state as appropriate.

3. Smart Seeds is being run by GHD Pty Ltd

4. Registration fees are payable to GHD Pty Ltd

5. It is expected that participants from registered organisations will attend all events associated with the Smart Seeds program and be able to commit up 6 hours per week to their projects.

6. Personal information provided to GHD for the purpose of taking part in the Smart Seeds program will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for the purposes of the Smart Seeds program.

7. Participating organisations acknowledge that any information they share through the Smart Seeds program (with the exception of personal information) has been authorised for disclosure and may be published on the Smart Seeds website.

8. GHD and program supporters are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred including any injury or damage to participants or any other persons related to or resulting from participation in the Smart Seeds program.

9. Participating organisations accept the following basis for participant recognition and awards:

a) A panel of senior industry leaders from a variety of organisations and disciplines will decide the Judge’s Choice Award at the Showcase event.

b) The audience at the Showcase event will vote electronically to decide the People’s Choice Award.

c) A National and Global People’s Choice Award will be voted on publically via the Smart Seeds website.

d) Judging criteria will be presented at the launch workshop.

10. GHD grants all participating organisations a royalty free licence to the Intellectual Property (IP) generated from the program to further progress ideas.

a) Should any one or more participating organisations wish to pursue commercialisation, it will be at their own commercial, technical and management undertaking.

b) GHD requests that ongoing recognition be provided to the original members and mentors of the idea team and of the Smart Seeds program.

c) Any underlying IP provided by the participating organisations remains theirs and GHD owns all IP generated from the program.

11. GHD has the unrestricted right to use images and content generated and captured through the Smart Seeds program at any time, now and in the future, for promotional purposes.